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Customer Service Follies

So I spent lunch and the early afternoon out at the Toast Life event on out at Syon Park (courtesy of a comp ticket for being quick on the email uptake a couple of weeks ago). Generally a pretty good afternoon out - anywhere where you can pick up Chokito bars in London has to qualify, and the touch rugby where London Irish suffered two losses against Kiwi and Aussie pick-up sides was hilarious. Good wine, and good food, but...

Two cases of Very Poor Customer Service.
Firstly, that guy at the Australia Shop tent who insisted on spending 5 minutes chatting to one customer about products that weren't even on sale there, when the rest of the place was fairly crowded with customers. You did not even acknowledge my presence, not even an "I'll be with you in one minute". You, sir, need to take a little more time to look at the overall shopfront situation - you won't last long in retail if you don't.
Secondly, a combination play here from the bus driver and the event organisers. There were plenty of people who had made a lunch of it and were heading back from about 2pm. Courtesy buses had been laid on from the nearest tube station - a good 2 mile walk away. However, until at least 4pm these were only one way buses - even though they had to return to the tube station! The organisers should take a serious kick in the pants for that effort; do you seriously expect everyone who arrives and leaves early to have to walk back? Secondly, to the driver who refused entry to a large bunch of potential passengers: what on earth were you thinking? "It's not my problem," you said. What a load of rot - you had every opportunity to do people a service here and you completely ballsed it up. Remember that it's people going to the festival in the first place which means the buses are needed - if this kind of behaviour pisses them off you're doing yourself out of money in the long run.

Toast Life organisers - I was thinking about doing it again next year, but it's now a definite no unless I pick up comp tickets again. Even then it's questionable - this was a public relations debacle you should have avoided.

Hey, this LJ rant stuff really works!
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