slakko (slakko) wrote,

So, what happened with the Pirates?

Nassau, capital and main city in the Bahamas, has *a* genuine tourist attraction (not counting the casino, which, although nice, is clearly not a patch on any recently-built part of Vegas). This tourist attraction is a Pirate Museum, which makes sense given that before a British Governor with a bit of backbone arrived in 1718, Nassau was in fact Pirate Central.

This Pirate museum has local Bahamans (or is it Bahamians?) in full pirate gear accosting passers-by on the street to get them to come inside (from the outside it looks like a warehouse, only with, you know, pirate symbology on the side). I don't believe my timbers were under threat of a severe shivering, but there may have been a keel-haul in my future had grendelyn and I not agreed to part with some appropriate currency.

The museum itself is interesting - you do learn a lot if your ingoing hypothesis about pirates is that they're the sworn enemy of the ninja. There is also only one gratuitous photo of Johnny Depp, and that's right at the entrance anyway. The pirate ship inside is an authentic re-creation - which is a bit of a shame as they could probably have made an appropriate indoor-safe replica at a fraction of the cost without anyone except experts being any the wiser, and it probably doubled the admission fee.

Anyway, the Pirate Museum also has a Pirate Pub next to it which does decent American-sized sandwiches, and a gift shop entitled Plunder!

Yes, with the exclamation point. Say it with me: PLUNDER!
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