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Testing, testing: Is this thing on!

OK, I've submitted to fate and acquired an ellejay. Mainly because so many Brunchers I know have them that I'd miss out on all the opportunities to comment gossip. Nothing much to report this weekend - picked up some nice shirts (still too bloody expensive but what am I going to do about it) at Selfridges on sale ahead of the office Summer Party next Saturday. It's 'summer chic' - what the hell do I know about summer chic? Fortunately I now have the new shirts to prove that I don't know anything about it.

In other interesting news, Selfridges have a 'win a holiday to Oz' promotion with a difference - this time it's a fly-drive holiday to South Australia. Given the universe's sense of irony (although this is a bit more Alanic than Ironic) I intend to enter - I reckon as a genuine South Aussie my chances of winning are that much higher.
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