slakko (slakko) wrote,

Here (temporarily) endeth the radio silence...

OK, so I know I haven't been elljaying substantially since I started. The basic reason: most of my life has been pretty samey, just finishing off a piece of work for one client and (as of tomorrow) starting a new piece for another. (No, I can't tell you who for, that's part of the rules, and anyone who knows me at all by now will know that I'm very careful about who finds out anything about my client work).

I should, however, give shout outs to Catherine and James - you guys rock as per always (thank you very much for the lovely dinner, and the crash futon was most welcome).

In practice, there has been one other area in the last couple of weeks which has been much more interesting and much more uplifting. However, I'm going to be a real meanyhead here and not tell you any more, because it's too confidential at this stage, even if this was a 'friends only' post. Just be comfortable that I'm now walking on a veritable cloud of happiness, and that it's been this way for just over a month now.
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